NIOS with state board school

How an Open School in Bangalore is Helping Slow Learners

Presidency Public School, in collaboration with Schoolbase, an open school in Bangalore, recently celebrated a vibrant Cultural Day, a testament to its commitment to holistic education.The school, driven by a desire to develop the emotional capabilities of its students, embarked on a journey to understand and address the diverse needs of its learners. The school […]

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Top Ten Parenting Tips for Teenagers

Parenting is not an easy task, and the teenage years can bring unique challenges.Teenagers may oscillate between behaving like adults one moment and children the next, making it crucial for parents to adapt their approach. Here are ten parenting tips for teenagers to help you navigate this transformative period and strengthen your relationship with your […]

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Homeschooling in Bangalore with Schoolbase: Transforming Education

Bangalore, a bustling metropolis known for its technological prowess and vibrant culture, is a city where parents often find themselves juggling demanding work schedules. Homeschooling in Bangalore has become a flexible path of learning offering parents the tools to customize their children’s education according to their family’s unique needs. In the wake of the pandemic, […]

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Vocational Training Programs

Explore Unmatched Vocational Training Programs by NIOS 2023

Vocational Education and Training stand as a crucial pillar in India’s educational landscape, providing a pathway for individuals to acquire practical skills and knowledge essential for the workforce. In the ever-evolving national context, it is imperative to redefine the elements of imparting vocational education to make them flexible, contemporary, relevant, inclusive, and creative. Recognizing this […]

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