For generations, clearing the 10th and 12th board exams has been a landmark event in any student’s life. Over the years, the stress has not just been about passing the exam but scoring first class, distinction, or becoming eligible for plum government jobs, many private sector jobs, and even admission to college courses. Over the years, the introduction of entrance exams for many college courses, the increase in the number of private institutions, and the introduction of new programs have eased the pressure on students to some extent.
One such alternative is from the National Institute of Open Studies (NIOS).

Board Exams with NIOS

NIOS offers an on-demand exam (ODE) facility for students, which means that students can appear for the exam when they are prepared.
NIOS offers Secondary and Senior Secondary Course that is equivalent to Class 10th and class 12th respectively. Students must compulsorily select 5 subjects with one compulsory language, and they can take two or more languages as part of the 5 subjects that they most select.
Under NIOS there is no compulsion to take Maths and Science in Secondary or 10th standard course, students can choose any other subject from Group A, B, and C subjects mentioned on the website. The only compulsory is 1 language that the students must select from the Group A category.
In Senior Secondary Course, there are Groups A, B, C, D, E, and F, from which the student must select 5 subjects. However, in groups C, D, E, and F the student can only select one subject from each group.
Students will have both theory and practical exams.


NIOS Eligibility

NIOS is the largest open schooling system in the world that has been around for over 25 years and is a government WING, COBSE & HRD MINISTRY. Students passing from the NIOS board are eligible for any mainstream course in any college in the world. these students are also eligible for appearing for any competitive exam on the strength of the NIOS board certificate.

Flexibility with NIOS

NIOS offers plenty of flexibility to students who are struggling with the mainstream 10th and 12th syllabus. There is no age limit, so anyone can appear for these exams and achieve their board certification. The ODE facility coupled with the alternative to choosing subjects as per one’s aptitude and interest makes it easier for students to not only complete the course but also score well. It gives the students the distinct advantage to pursue subjects which is easy for them and relevant to the college course they want to pursue. Furthermore, these students can apply for any college programme.
NIOS supports students with free audio and video classes, virtual classes and notes, and subject textbooks. Thus, a student can learn at their pace and in their space. Many schools offer NIOS courses, so students can be admitted to these schools for a physical classroom mode of learning.

No student is left behind

NIOS’s motto is to “reach out and reach all”. Any student who is compelled to be excluded from the mainstream education system because they are slow learners, have learning disabilities, have a career (actors, sportspersons, or any other field), are differently abled, or must opt for home-schooling for any reasons, NIOS has a steady framework to enable them to have a fruitful learning outlet.
The courses are educative and enable a student to learn and understand the concepts. Since students can learn at their pace, they can take their time and give the exams. Parents need not discourage the students and compel them to leave their studies. With the right amount of support, anyone can attempt and earn their secondary and higher secondary certificates.

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