Teaching your child by yourself at home has led to the concept of homeschooling. It probably started in the 1970s, all thanks to an American, John Holt, who supported this system by all his means.

He was a writer and an educator. After observing the faults in the American school systems at that time, he wrote 11 books on homeschooling and started giving his services in this regard. He wanted the children to learn through their experiences and wanted the next young generation to have skills rather than just bookish knowledge. He explained several reasons why one should opt for homeschooling and many of these benefits were observed over time.

Homeschooling in India

Homeschooling is becoming dominant in the present era, with a large number of homeschoolers being reported. Not only this, but the number is consistently increasing by 2 to 8% annually. But the question arises: What are the most trusted means of homeschooling?  Well, NIOS has solved the issue and is one of the reasons for the rising population of homeschoolers.

NIOS is the best option for homeschooling in India. The National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS), originally the National Open School, is the Indian government’s educational board. Founded in 1989, it emerged as a platform for providing the nation with quality education along with polishing its skills and abilities. Like the CBSE and the CISCE, the NIOS conducts the examinations at secondary and senior secondary levels. The average number of students getting benefited from this system is above 350 thousand annually and that makes it one of the largest open schooling systems worldwide.

Benefits of Homeschooling with NIOS

Analyzing the results of this system led to its implementation in many regions and countries of the world for providing the same benefits to the Indians living in the U.S., U.K., Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, Nepal, Canada, Australia, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, and even Saudi Arabia and U.A.E.

The system will get acknowledged even more with mutual coordination. We offer the best practices at NIOS, you can go through major ones to ensure why you should choose NIOS as the best platform for homeschooling.

Flexible Studying Hours

NIOS allows your child to learn when he is ready to learn. You don’t have to force him to get out of his bed at 7 O’Clock and get ready for school when all he wanted was a few more minutes to complete his tour on a flying bus in his dreams.

You must have noticed that children wake up fresh and happy when they have a sound sleep. Considering it we start our classes at 9.30 a.m. giving your child complete comfort.

Individualized Learning

We promise to complete all the lessons issued by the government authorities. The learning process is accomplished while dealing with each student differently according to his caliber. If a student has an issue, it is handled with absolute one-on-one care.

Developing Skills

Our work style is different from normal school. Firstly, attention is given to the development of a positive attitude rather than pushing and finishing educational goals and achievements. Secondly, the skills of the students are polished by giving them opportunities to prove themselves.

It is done by offering them vocational courses in which they can take part without affecting their studies. These courses also provide chances for your child to interact with society and prevent him from becoming an introvert.

No Suffering from Harassments

In 2019, India was at the top of the list of dangerous countries for women with over 4000 reported cases. In 2020, Delhi, the capital alone, reported 320 cases of harassment women and girls faced. Because of this NIOS assures you the security of your child as he can get tutored right in front of your eyes.

Emotional Well-being

A unique plan to alter the thinking of this nation about learning and career comes out of current circumstances. The pressure created by the heavy imagination of a successful life has resulted in the deviation from a happy life. Stress, diseases, depression, and money-oriented courses are the negative effects of the current circumstances. NIOS provides a solution to all these problems by securing a tension-free life for your children.

Fulfilling the Purpose of Education

The common perception of today’s parents is that having some popular degrees in your hand helps with the quick settlement of life and status in society. They need to understand that skills are far more important than a degree when it comes to achieving a distinct position in one’s profession.

Education has surely become more expensive than one can think. But parents and the public are unaware of free educational resources from the government of India and other agencies. They think high-paying professions don’t come for free or to simply put it, free education is not promising enough for good salaries and professional growth in life. This negative thinking has kept them away from the real purpose of education and growth.

NIOS is focused on providing skills along with degrees to the nation.

Helping Youngsters Advance towards Their Goals

The wrong assumptions of parents regarding the education system have no answers when their children have to face failures, sacrifice their hobbies, and worry about rising educational expenses.

As a result, they begin to hate school education and go into depression and fear of not fulfilling their parents’ dream. They find no answers to the unwanted questions of relatives and society regarding their educational progress. There is an immediate change in their plans leading to learning difficulty. They don’t find any support to polish their skills, physical and mental abilities.

Our services can be very helpful in these situations. We conduct studies which lead youngsters towards development in career and education. Education should bring clarity of mind to set a goal in life and face all challenges coming in the way. If you have any query related to NIOS admission 2022 then you may contact with us. Above all We’ll solve all the issue related to NIOS admission.

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