Homeschooling or home education is a distinctive approach to education in which children receive  instructions under the guidance of their parents within the confines of their homes. Not merely a passing trend, it represents a significant movement embraced by families throughout the world.

Many Indian families have opted for homeschooling for reasons similar to those seen in American households. Factors such as the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, dissatisfaction with a one-size-fits-all education system, and concerns about bullying have motivated families in India to embrace homeschooling as a viable and personalized educational alternative.

Homeschooling is gaining traction as an increasingly popular option, in cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, and Pune.

The homeschooling movement emerged and gained momentum in the 1970s, evolving into a widely embraced educational option today. As per one research around 3.1 million students spanning grades K through 12 were engaged in homeschooling in the USA during the 2021-2022 school year.

The Schoolbase Advantage for Homeschooling Students

Take the reins of your children’s education, tailor their learning experience to suit your preferences.

At Schoolbase, the homeschooling section of Presidency Public School, we collaborate closely with parents, customizing solutions to ensure each child excels in his/her learning journey. Our teaching faculty boasts specialized expertise in guiding NIOS students, having honed the skill of understanding students’ mindsets.

Our approach is centered around providing guidance and intervention at critical junctures such as exams, career exploration, and performance evaluations.

Recognizing the unique challenges posed by the self-learning model of the NIOS, we aim to bridge the gap by offering structured classes specifically tailored for 10th and 12th-grade levels.

For academically advanced students seeking a more challenging curriculum, we provide access to IGCSE-level materials.



Homeschooling with Schoolbase offers distinctive advantages such as:

  • Option to choose between online or offline classes
  • Personalized one-to-one tutoring from our team of home teachers
  • Easy to connect with us online or through personal visits at school
  • Structured study timetables for homeschoolers
  • Specialized guidance on studying mathematics, science, and languages
  • Assistance with goal-setting and academic milestones
  • Certified teachers for hidden disabilities like ADHD, Autism, Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, etc.

Schoolbase Fees Saving Scheme

Regular schooling often incurs unnecessary expenses, like paying for tuition when self-study is more effective or investing in activities unrelated to a child’s passion like dance or singing. With our learning approach, you choose what your child needs most. Our approach¬† ensures your investment aligns with your child’s unique interests, avoiding wasteful expenditures and fostering a fulfilling educational experience. If you face difficulty, we assist you in selecting services most suited for your child, ensuring a joyful learning journey.

Ensuring Your Child's Safety

  • We prioritize empathy, avoiding abuse or punishment
  • Our tutors are qualified as per government norms
  • To ensure compliance with safety learning norms, our tutors undergo regular training
  • Our online learning platform comes with embedded software to prevent children from accessing illegal sites

Student Learning Desk (SLD)

  • Counselling services available during challenging times
  • Constant monitoring of your child’s progress and interests
  • Updates for parents through assignments, revisions, and projects

Engagement Programs for Homeschooling Parents

To ensure personalized guidance and support to NIOS and homeschooling students, we conduct parent orientation sessions on an individual basis. These sessions offer tailored advice and insights to address specific concerns and requirements, fostering a collaborative approach between parents, educators, and students.

In addition, we also host general orientation programs where parents can benefit from collective wisdom and suggestions shared during group meetings.

The parental orientation program helps to:

  • Engage in insightful parent training sessions
  • Connect seamlessly for meaningful academic discussions
  • Foster stronger bonds with tutors through regular meetings
  • Stay updated through timely emails and other channels

Schoolbase Support For Special Students

For slow learners, who may require additional support, we offer tailored content learning aligned with age-appropriate standards, as recommended by healthcare professionals.

Moreover, we are proud to offer a team of dedicated professionals specializing in supporting students with special needs. Our team includes shadow teachers, special educators proficient in areas such as autism, occupational therapy, speech therapy, ADHD, among others. We extend our services beyond the classroom, providing in-home support for families who prefer this arrangement, subject to availability and on a paid basis.

For parents of special needs children, we offer assistance in identifying suitable activity-based learning environments outside traditional classroom settings. While these specialized learning spaces often come with higher costs and varied facilities, we empower parents to make informed decisions by facilitating access to accurate information regarding fees and services.

Schoolbase Support to Budding Artists & Sports Enthusiasts

In addition to academic support, we go the extra mile to connect students with opportunities aligned with their interests and ambitions. For instance, for those inclined towards the sciences, we facilitate internships at prestigious institutions like ISRO or Tata Science, opening doors to invaluable hands-on experience.

Similarly, we provide pathways for aspiring athletes to pursue professional careers, whether through government quotas or private arrangements, leveraging our network to secure opportunities with renowned international personalities. From assisting football enthusiasts in securing enrollment with the Football Association of Karnataka to nurturing budding artists and connecting them with galleries and exhibitions, we tailor our support to match the unique aspirations of each student.

Bid farewell to mundane classrooms

Embrace the opportunity to learn from the comfort of your own home! Feel free to reach out to us with any questions or inquiries.