There are many obstacles in learning such as expensive courses, and transport issues for picking and dropping children at school. By adopting small things and modifying some already present rules and regulations of the present education system, we can provide a more efficient education system for the youth who are the future of this country.

Our presidency public school is a special school where anyone can get admission. Our school makes both the students and their parents at ease by offering many services. Our school provides flexible learning which means that the student can either opt for learning at home or attending NIOS daily classes in the school timings.

Anyone can be benefitted from our school system but the experiences gained after long-term services in this profession can be used in an open and pressure-less education system, especially for the children who are interested in sports and music or identifying and using their God-gifted talents.

As well as for those who get anxious easily, who can choose the subjects they find easy to learn, who have fear of attending regular schooling, who normally bunk the school, who hate doing a lot of homework, who hate to pull an all-nighter to accomplish a project, who don’t like getting up early, who fear to see their grades or marks or to receive marks card only to get scolded, who like to read at free time, who feel financial crises are making it hard for them to learn and advance forward, who have plans to learn some specific subjects and aim at something different from what their parents want them to be, etc.

Most students are intelligent enough to survive a normal schooling system, but still, some of them may have one of the above-mentioned qualities in them.

Why Choose NIOS?

NIOS provides the best educational services. We considered all the circumstances prevailing in our education system, and have tried to give outstanding opportunities to polish students’ skills. In short, it is the implementation of a new methodology of learning.

Your Complete Guide to Admissions in NIOS

  • Admissions are held twice a year. First in April or May, then in October or November.
  • For secondary courses, males have to pay Rs. 1800/- and females have to pay Rs. 1450/- for 5 subjects. For choosing any additional subject, they have to pay Rs. 720/- more.
  • For senior secondary courses, males have to pay Rs. 2000/- and females have to pay Rs. 1650/- for 5 subjects. For choosing any additional subject, they have to pay Rs. 720/- more.
  • The minimum age to get enrolled in the secondary course is 14 years.
  • The minimum age to get enrolled in a senior secondary course is 15 years.
  • Class timings are from 9.30 to 2.20 p.m. There will be two breaks between the classes. Lunch break will be given as well.
  • The number of subjects can be maximum upto 7 subjects or a minimum of 5 subjects. But the number of compulsory subjects which the students need to pass to get promoted are 5.
  • The textbooks will be provided for free.
  • If the parents opt for regular classes for their children the two sets of dresses will be given, but if they opt for learning at home, the dress is not compulsory.
  • There are weekend classes for students and support for parents. Both the parents and the students are given some advice and instructions which they can follow to get better results in the future. For example, for students who find maths or any other subject difficult, we let them choose some alternative subjects from which they can choose the one that fits their aptitude the best.
  • For the children interested in sports, they are fully supported for their participation. They are taught an easy syllabus, then can choose regular classes or can opt for the similar classes that will be available online (pre-recorded classes) which include no fees.
  • For the students with extra talents, we support them by taking care of only passing marks so that they can focus more on their goals. Similarly, if someone wants to learn a language with interest, he will be supported for linguistic ability development. People who have school phobia are relaxed to attend online and offline where they won’t experience any anxiety or depression.
  • For the parents or children who had bad experiences in school before, we give space to forget those bad memories by engaging them in productive activities. You can take your time to recover your mental health and once your self-confidence is boosted you can again join the mainstream of learning. If the student has failed in any class and feels ashamed or humiliated, or often receives complaints from the school regarding grades, the parents are requested to take flexi schooling options.
  • For students who are addicted to mobile and computers, we help them not only in gaming but also to learn the subject of artificial intelligence or coding so that they can use their interest of the field in something productive instead.
  • For people who are interested in money, we encourage them with business studies, not with science or biology diagrams. One hour after school there is open counselling for the children and the parents to identify the potential and support for their children in a particular field.
  • Parents can opt for learning at home or choose our school as it supports games, yoga, extra knowledge on a particular field and science courses to develop skills.
  • For two weeks parents are reported with each step of their child. The parents are sent or given an id to directly contact the counsellors asking them or taking guidance from them regarding any information.
  • Award ceremonies are held every month so that the students who have the potential to do something or the students who have worked really hard can get rewarded, moreover, it will boost them to perform even better the next day.
  • We offer assistance as per request from the parents (not mandatory) like sports or any other activities including vocational courses.

Things We Promise

Along with NIOS learning, we complete the chosen syllabus by February and take revision classes in March and help the children to get good marks. There is no failing system in our school. No grades are printed on the marks card. If the parents want the answer, then they can come and take a photocopy of it. If found that the parents are trying to pressurize their child, the school has the right to file a case against them which will be further processed by the education counsellor.

The tenth-grade marks card is provided by the government authorities which is valid. The school takes different responsibilities like visiting a farming field, poultry or fisheries, visiting experts of an institution or factory, and allowing talking to experts, bankers, industrialists, and people in various fields of sports, food, cinema, music, carpentry, handicrafts, farming, agriculture, finance, public works and many more.

The tests are conducted not based on bookish knowledge but on concepts. The parents personally receive an email informing the details of their child’s performance. If they fail to complete the task, they are made to sit, learn and then complete the task. The notes are marked and they are given the freedom to write according to their free time. If missed they are made to complete the task within the school premises. The marks are not revealed among the students; only parents can take a photocopy of the answer sheet and use it wisely.

There will be special classes for 1 hour if opted by parents for learning something other than just class subjects. After analysing the child’s performance he is instructed whether he should take up that particular course or not. There will be no fees for participation only.

If you have any query related to NIOS admission 2022-2023 then you may contact us. Above all, We’ll solve all the issues related to NIOS admission.

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