Schoolbase partners with NIOS to break down barriers to education, providing a pathway for every student to pursue his academic dream and achieve his full potential, regardless of background or circumstance.

Established in 2019, in the heart of Bangalore, Schoolbase believes in nurturing comprehensive learning that goes beyond textbooks. Our open schooling programme, affiliated with the National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS), provides flexibility and personalized guidance, allowing your child to thrive at his/her own pace.

We’re not just another school; we’re an integral part of the renowned Presidency Public School, dedicated to empowering students of all backgrounds to achieve their full potential. We at Schoolbase, totally understand the importance of offering an alternative education path that aligns with the unique needs and aspirations of each student.


We celebrate and support unique learners in Bangalore seeking an alternative education path. We understand every child learns differently.

Children with learning disabilities, ADHD, or slower learning pace.

Aspiring performers, athletes, and individuals with busy schedules.

Students facing challenges such as financial, health or family issues that make attending traditional schools difficult.


Schoolbase, NIOS Bangalore: Where Your Child Explores, Discovers, and Thrives Beyond Textbooks.

Interactive learning: No more sleepy lectures! Engaging lessons with adaptive tools cater to each child’s unique needs.

Expert guidance: From academics to careers and even social skills, our experienced counsellors are here to help your child blossom.

Mind & body connection: Handwriting improvement to boost confidence and behavioural therapy for emotional well-being of students.

NIOS advantage: Access a rich NIOS curriculum with textbooks, workbooks, and practice papers.

Live, online teaching: Interactive classes keep your child engaged, no matter where you are.

Personalized paths: We unlock your child’s strengths and help him overcome challenges with tailored learning plans, adapted to his unique style and speed.

Beyond the classroom: We connect with organizations and institutions, opening doors to exciting new experiences.

Holistic growth: Your child’s journey extends beyond academics. We nurture their social, emotional, and personal development.


Worried your child’s unique needs aren’t being met? We believe every child learns better in a supportive, nurturing environment.

Learning Differences? Our specially trained teachers and dedicated support help children with learning disabilities blossom.

Passionate Athlete? We partner with the Mountaineering Institute to offer specialized training for young sports enthusiasts.

Big Dreamer? We collaborate with various institutions to open doors to exciting opportunities beyond the classroom.


Presidency Public School: Building Futures Since the 90s, Right Here in Bangalore

Presidency Public School stands as a legacy in Bengaluru, nurturing young minds since the 1990s. Nestled in Banashankari 3rd Stage, our story began with a small group of students and a dream: quality education accessible to all.

Driven by the visionary leadership of Mr. VI Hegde, our founding chairperson, we laid the foundation for a strong academic experience. The torch was then passed to Mr. Nagabhushan and Ms. Tulasi Nagabushan, a dynamic duo who took our school to new heights.

Today, the school is a thriving educational hub, fostering a vibrant community of students, teachers, and staff dedicated to academic excellence and holistic development.

Notes of Appreciation from Happy Parents

Hear directly from parents who rave about the difference made by Schoolbase, the best NIOS Bangalore homeschool.

  • Since enrolling at Schoolbase, Alam has blossomed in a truly holistic environment. The carefully curated curriculum fosters a love for learning beyond textbooks, offering him engaging experiences that spark curiosity and ignite his imagination.

    We are immensely grateful to the dedicated management and passionate tutors who create such a nurturing atmosphere. Alam’s concentration in his studies has soared.



  • Our encounter with Schoolbase surpassed our expectations. Our daughter, Priya, faced challenges in grasping mathematics at her previous school, and her true passion lay in dance. However, academic pressures dampened her enthusiasm for attending classes. Thanks to the flexibility offered by NIOS at Schoolbase, Priya now enjoys the freedom to pursue both her academic studies and attend dance and freestyle classes. The positive change is evident, as she has become more energetic and significantly happier in her overall demeanour.



  • I am immensely grateful to Schoolbase for the invaluable support provided to my child. The NIOS curriculum, coupled with the guidance from the dedicated school team, has played a crucial role in helping me better understand my son. With their assistance, he has successfully reengaged in his studies, and it brings me immense joy to see him enjoying the game of cricket with a smile on his face.



Ready to see your child shine

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