The National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) stands as a pioneer of inclusive education in India providing a diverse array of programs. From the NIOS Open Basic Education Programme, Secondary and Senior Secondary Courses to Vocational Training and Life Enrichment Initiatives, the NIOS courses cater to diverse educational needs of different sections. This article delves into the contours of these programs, highlighting the unique features and benefits they offer to learners, including adult neo-literates and in-service teachers.

NIOS Courses
Comprehensive Range of NIOS Courses


NIOS Course List

The NIOS course offerings exemplify its commitment to making quality education accessible to all, irrespective of age or circumstances. The comprehensive array of courses offered by NIOS include:

  1. Open Basic Education Programme:
  • OBE ‘A’ Level course (Equivalent to Class 3)
  • OBE ‘B’ Level course (Equivalent to Class 5)
  • OBE ‘C’ Level course (Equivalent to Class 8)
  1. Secondary Course (Equivalent to Class 9 and 10)
  2. Senior Secondary Course (Equivalent to Class 11 and 12)
  3. Vocational Courses
  4. Life Enrichment Programmes
  5. D.EL.ED. Programmes
  6. Secondary and Senior Secondary Course for ITI students
  7. NIOS also offers Indian Sign Language for children with Hearing Impairment


NIOS Open Basic Education (OBE) Programme


The Open Basic Education (OBE) programme was established in 1994 with the objective of offering primary and middle-level education through an alternative open schooling approach. This initiative primarily targets adult neo-literates who, for various reasons, could not benefit from the conventional education system.

NIOS OBE offers a three-tier education structure that involves the following:


Level A – Equivalent to Classes 1 to 3:

NIOS provides three core subjects at A-Level: Environmental Studies (EVS), Mathematics, and Basic Computer Skills.

 Level B – Equivalent to Classes 4 to 5:

NIOS offers three primary subjects at B-Level: Environmental Studies (EVS), Mathematics, and Basic Computer Skills.

 Level C – Equivalent to Classes 6 to 8:

At C-Level, the NIOS course consists of a more comprehensive curriculum with five main subjects: English Language, Mathematics, Science, Social Science, and Basic Computer Skills. This level aims to impart a well-rounded education to learners.


Secondary Education at NIOS


The NIOS course for secondary education is designed to be on par with Class 10 in traditional education systems. To successfully complete this level, students must undertake a minimum of five subjects, with at least one language (or two languages) being mandatory for certification.

Students have the flexibility to choose a minimum of one and a maximum of two languages from Group A, along with additional subjects from Group B based on their preferences and academic interests.


Senior Secondary Education at NIOS


The NIOS course for senior secondary corresponds to Classes 11 and 12 in conventional educational frameworks. For successful completion, students are required to study a minimum of five subjects, with the option to choose up to seven subjects based on their academic pursuits and future career plans.

Similar to the NIOS course for secondary levels, students in senior secondary education can choose a minimum of one and a maximum of two languages from Group A. Additionally, they have the flexibility to select subjects from Groups B, C, D, E, and F according to their individual interests and career aspirations.

It’s noteworthy that students are permitted to choose any one subject from Groups C, D, E, and F, providing them with a diverse range of options to tailor their education to their unique goals. This flexibility is designed to empower students and prepare them for their chosen paths beyond senior secondary education.


NIOS Courses: Vocational Education


Vocational courses offered by NIOS are tailored for specific industries or trades, emphasizing practical learning through on-the-job training, distinct from traditional academic courses. Here’s a  list of online vocational courses from NIOS. The list of one-year NIOS courses under vocational education can be found here. 


NIOS Life Enrichment Programmes


In addition to offering Academic and Vocational Education courses tailored for diverse stages of school education, NIOS actively engages in ongoing developmental initiatives, particularly in the realm of Life Enrichment Programmes (LEPs). These programs cater to a broad audience, including those interested in Performing Arts (Music, Dance, Painting), Public Health (Jan Swasthya), Empowered Women (Paripurna Mahila), Yog, and Jeevan Vigyan.


NIOS  D.El.Ed Program


 The Diploma in Elementary Education (D.El.Ed) program is a special program designed for teachers who are already working in primary and upper primary schools in different parts of the country but never had formal training. The Academic Department of NIOS is overseeing and guiding the implementation of this initiative.

The program is aimed at imparting teachers with fresh skills, enhancing their existing abilities, and helping them gain a more profound understanding of teaching and learning.


NIOS for ITI Students


The “Schooling for ITI Learners” program provides a chance for individuals to obtain a Secondary and Senior Secondary Certificate based on their eligibility. This opportunity is available to those who fall into either of the following categories:

  1. Currently pursuing their education through ITIs.
  2. Have successfully completed their ITI courses.


NIOS Indian Sign Language for Hearing-Impaired Children

NIOS also offers Indian Sign Language as a subject at the Secondary Level for children with Hearing Impairment (Deafness) since 2021. This groundbreaking move, a first in India, showcases the dedication of experts who have put in tremendous effort to ensure that the course is not only simple but also engaging and interactive.

As we can see from the above comprehensive list of NIOS courses, the establishment not only opens doors to education for those who might have been left behind but also embraces a dynamic and inclusive approach that prepares learners for a diverse range of opportunities. The institution’s commitment to flexibility, inclusivity, and quality education is evident across its various programs, making a significant contribution to the educational landscape in India.

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