Established in 1989 under the Indian Ministry of Education, NIOS is an independent organization offering quality and affordable education to all through open and distance learning. It is one of the biggest open schooling programs globally, having millions of students enrolled over the years.

The organization stands at the forefront of open education, offering a flexible and inclusive environment that allows students to pursue academic excellence at their own pace.


Individuals falling in any of the following categories are a perfect fit for the NIOS educational journey:

  • Specially-abled students seeking an accommodating learning environment
  • Working professionals unable to attend regular classes due to job commitments
  • Individuals who have been homeschooled throughout their academic life
  • Aspiring students looking to acquire additional skills beyond conventional academics
  • Economically underprivileged students seeking an affordable and quality education


Recognized by the Indian Ministry of Education and various international bodies, NIOS ensures that its certificates hold value both nationally and globally. All reputed universities and colleges in India recognize NIOS, providing it with the same level of acknowledgment as CBSE and ICSE. NIOS qualifications are also accepted by prestigious institutions like IIM and others.


 NIOS partners with esteemed international organizations such as the Commonwealth of Learning (COL) and UNESCO. Additionally, it runs study centres for Indian expatriates in various countries, including Bahrain, UAE, Oman, Kuwait, Nepal, Canada, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Australia, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, and the USA.


NIOS Courses

1. Open Basic Education (OBE) Programme for those aged 14 and above, catering to adolescents and adults at A, B, and C levels. These levels are equivalent to classes III, V, and VIII in the formal school system

  • OBE ‘A’ Level course (Equivalent to Class 3)
  • OBE ‘B’ Level course (Equivalent to Class 5)
  • OBE ‘C’ Level course (Equivalent to Class

2. NIOS secondary course equivalent to Class X

3. NIOS Senior Secondary Course, equivalent to class XII

4. Vocational Education Courses

5.EL.ED. course for untrained teachers

6.Secondary and Senior Secondary Course designed specifically for ITI students

7. NIOS also offers Indian Sign Language as a subject at the Secondary Level for children with Hearing Impairment (Deafness) since 2021

The National Institute of Open Schooling Examinations take place twice a year in April–May and October–November, with dates set by the organization. In addition, students have the option to participate in On-Demand Examinations at the Secondary and Senior Secondary levels, specifically for subjects they have enrolled in for individual learning. The results for public examinations are typically declared approximately seven weeks after the conclusion of the exams.

The Schoolbase team of administrators and experienced teachers is here to give extra support to NIOS students.


 NIOS primarily facilitates the admission and examination processes through affiliated schools. We have collaborated with NIOS for over a decade now. Drawing from our extensive experience we have recognized the need for comprehensive services beyond the very basic offerings from NIOS and have taken proactive measures to address these gaps. In addition to facilitating NIOS admission and examination procedures, we provide qualified teachers who visit the student’s home to teach him. We assist you in overcoming challenges and clearing up any confusion about NIOS syllabus, deadlines etc.

For those pursuing homeschooling, we offer NCERT-prescribed textbooks to ensure a structured learning experience as no textbooks are provided by NIOS Board to students.

Our range of services, include:

  • Online classes specifically designed for 10th and 12th-grade levels
  • Career guidance sessions for both parents and students
  • Structured study timetables for homeschoolers
  • Specialized guidance on studying mathematics, science, and languages
  • Assistance with goal-setting and academic milestones
  • Crash courses for on-demand exam candidates
  • Provision for students pursuing pilot training, ITI, and diploma courses to enroll with NIOS

Schoolbase is for parents who want guidance in their child’s NIOS journey and students who need extra support in reaching their goals. Schoolbase provides the handholding you need to make your journey smooth and hassle-free.

Read more about our services here.

With a cumulative enrolment of approximately 1.5 million students from 2004 to 2009 at secondary and senior secondary levels, the national Institute of Open Schooling continues to enroll around 350,000 students annually.

Recognized for its commitment to inclusive education, NIOS has been honoured with the UN King Sejong Award. The organization uses digital tools and local languages to support People with Disabilities, including providing learning materials in Indian Sign Language.