Open Basic Education (OBE) program, which covers the curriculum up to the equivalent of Class 8 in a traditional school setting.

NIOS is the Board of Education for open schools in India

This program is delivered through the distance education approach.


The Open Basic Education program administered and executed by The National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) aims to offer primary and upper primary level education through open schooling to individuals unable to attend formal schools or who have discontinued their formal education.

This pioneering Open Basic Education program is duly recognized by the Government of India, holding equivalency status with formal schooling.

Thus opening doors to higher education and employment opportunities.

Under the aegis of the National Literacy Mission, many Indian states offer Open Basic Education (OBE) as an Equivalent Program under the Continuing Education (CE) scheme.

Who can take the Open Basic Education program

The potential target group encompasses the following categories:

  • School dropouts.
  • Neo-literates participating in the National Literacy Mission’s Continuing Education Scheme.
  • Girls and women, along with socially disadvantaged groups such as SC/ST and BPL beneficiaries.
  • Children and adults facing disabilities or crises hindering their access to traditional schooling.


 Open Basic Education Levels OF NIOS

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The Open Basic Education program offers three distinct levels: A, B, and C, each corresponding to formal school standards as follows:

  • Level A mirrors the curriculum of standard III. Level A is open to children aged 7 and older.
  • Level B is equivalent to standard V of conventional Indian education. To enter Level B, children must be at least 9 years old.
  • Level C corresponds to the educational material covered in standard VIII. Level C is designed for learners aged 12 and above.

Each level, namely A, B, and C, spans a duration of one year.


Highlights of NIOS Open Basic Education Programme


The Open Basic Education Program’s hallmark features include:

  • A maximum registration duration of five years for each learner at every level.
  • The option for learners to choose their medium of study from Hindi, English, or a regional language.
  • No upper age limit, ensuring access for learners of all ages.
  • A comprehensive learning package encompassing academic subjects such as Maths, Science, and Social Science, alongside a vocational subject.
  • The freedom for learners to select their vocational subject from a provided list curated by NIOS.
  • Biannual examinations, scheduled at the discretion of the agency and NIOS.
  • The opportunity for learners to take the first examination for any level after one year of admission, with subsequent examinations available until enrolment or registration completion.
  • A credit accumulation feature, granting learners a certificate only upon successful completion of an entire level.
  • A NIOS certificate is widely accepted for international study. It is a government-approved examination mode conducted in accordance with Central Government guidelines, making it recognized and accepted globally.



Subjects Covered in the Open Basic Education – Curriculum


The OBE curriculum for children encompasses the following subjects at each level:

  • One language (English)
  • Environmental Studies (EVS)
  • Mathematics
  • Basic Computer Skills



Advantages of the Open Basic Education from NIOS


  • Inclusive Learning: OBE offers inclusive educational opportunities, welcoming students of all abilities and backgrounds, regardless of their socio-economic status.
  • Flexible Learning: OBE allows a flexible learning environment that allows individuals to study at their own pace, at any time and from any location, eliminating the need for rushed learning.
  • Globally Recognized: NIOS is a globally recognized education board, ensuring universal access to quality education and acceptance of its credentials in various countries.


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