SchoolBase offers the support that every child student is looking for when they cannot attend regular school. Our extensive support system is designed to address issues facing students that are hampered from attending regular school due to –

  • Inappropriate age
  • Financial problems
  • Geographic location
  • Lack of infrastructure support
  • Alternate pursuits (sports, acting, or another professional career)
  • Learning difficulties

Our programmes are designed to offer support to students as they design their study routine – how they learn, the pace at which they work, and what they study.

We support students with –

  • Classes by qualified teachers
  • Study material
  • Co-curricular activities (sports, music, or other activities)
  • Counselling

We offer support for preparing for examinations with coaching, preparatory exams, trial test papers, and ongoing tuition support.

Whether you want to attend a single class or all classes for every subject, you can attend them and get complete support with your academic endeavours. With the extracurricular activities we offer in partnership with other great institutions, the student can balance their academics with other interests and experience performing activities with their peer group. This will help them in building important skill for team work, scheduling, following a structured programme, and being prepared for outside competition among other things.

Explore further how we can help you with your academic endeavours at SchoolBase.