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Our school provides NIOS courses to a growing number of children who can be taken out of mainstream education because of bullying. It is common in schools’ which damages self-esteem and mental wellbeing. NIOS is a welcome relief for them. It reduces constant stress and pressure. NIOS often thrive and develop full potential in the students.


NIOS and presidency public school helps some students to come out of social anxiety or social phobia. We understand the issues faced by those children and their families. To those students who experience negative experiences at school we provide a good hand through NIOS. We offer mentoring and special educational needs to overcome such issues. NIOS CAN PROVIDE ALTERNATE STUDY METHOD TO THEM.

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Explore the full potential of your child. The child will not be forced to study courses aimed to their age group. If they have the more background knowledge to progress to a more advanced course, we assess each student when they join us to ensure they are studying at a level suitable through our resources. In NIOS the gifted students are encouraged to explore their talents more deeply without affecting the academics. They don’t want to irritate the teacher or wait for other to complete the work of the class.

Many gifted students have also dual or multiple exceptional where their learning potential is high or maybe face learning difficulties or need special help. NIOS can help these kinds of gifted students. The NIOS has a clear platform for these students. With high learning potentials or learning difficulties may be resolved with us. Some students are unable to connect with their age peers or find that teacher fails to answer to their numerous questions. NIOS allows the learning freedom to seek out likeminded people.

We understand the challenges and provide suitable support from our school.


Flexi schooling is a term used to describe a flexible learning model in which the students are educated partly at school and partly at home. An increase of parents is choosing this model for their children as it combines the focus and flexibility of studying in NIOS. It has many social benefits and decrease in pressure. It improves their sports and studies.


They are able to attend rehearsals and public events, NIOS will provide lot of free time to do it. The students can perform high level in the events. There will be no lack in the academics. We believe in nurture the entire student, their passion and their learning. If you are a talented musician, song writer, actor, dancer, or any other special category performer.


Many professionals are relocating themselves with many working options. NIOS can be helpful to these people. From our school we will help parents and students to complete their academics without disruption. We provide online education also for special needs. Our tutors are available to this service. The exam will be held at your own place.


These students face number-based confusion. Finds very difficult to study mathematics. NIOS can help the students to overcome this type of problems. NIOS provide a wide range of platform to study with math’s or without math’s.


These children are always troubled by shyness nature, they have the skill difficulty, the difficulty for planning and coordination of work. Our expert team will help you to overcome this problem. In NIOS study what suits you.


Combining education and sports which includes training, travel to sports event along with academics is always a problem. We have a structured course where you can choose and see what works with you.



WE HELP academically rigorous courses which build a solid foundation of concepts. Our courses are designed to be enjoyable and aim to help children develop into independent learners. Students can join courses suited to their stage of learning with some children joining courses at a lower or higher level than their age depending on their ability. This ensures every child gets the best education for their needs and can progress through the course levels at a pace that suits them. Our quest is for all students to achieve their full academic potential.


Dyslexia is a learning disorder that affects your ability to read, spell, write, and speak. Kids who have it are often smart and hardworking, but they have trouble connecting the letters they see to the sounds those letters make.
About 5% to 10% of people have some symptoms of dyslexia, such as slow reading, trouble spelling, or mixing up words. Adults can have this learning disorder, as well. Some people are diagnosed early in life. Others don’t realize they have dyslexia until they get older.
Kids with dyslexia often have normal vision and are just as smart as their peers. But they struggle more in school because it takes them longer to read. Trouble processing words can also make it hard to spell, write, and speak clearly.



Our PRESIDENCY HOME SCHOOLING is ideal for those children who wish to supplement their studies while attending a traditional school. Your child may require additional support in a particular subject, they may be advanced in their academic abilities and wish to learn in greater depth, or they may simply want to study a subject not offered at their school.

Whilst all our Primary courses are parent led, we always encourage parents to help their child take ownership of their learning and start the process of developing into independent learners. students work through modules at their own pace using the course materials, textbooks and learning resources provided. These courses

Our state-of-the-art online learning platform means you can access flexible, high quality education wherever you are, and learn at a time to suit you.

If your child is gifted or wishes to study certain subjects in greater depth, then taking courses with Wolsey Hall can complement traditional schooling. Your child will be able to explore topics more deeply, research all those burning questions that teachers don’t always have time to answer, and complete extra exercises to stretch them academically.

Your child will not be forced to study courses aimed at their age group if they have the background knowledge to progress to a more advanced course. We assess each student when they join us to ensure they are studying at a level suitable for them
Many traditional schools offer a core curriculum of subjects.

Your child may wish to study a subject that is not provided by their school such as Latin, Psychology, Computer SCIENCE
Taking additional subjects can widen your child’s options for future university or career decisions. focus on students developing the independent learning skills they will need as they progress through their education.

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We teach our students the vital skills they’ll need for the future, and just as importantly, to love learning now.