SchoolBase – Adapting to Changing Times

SchoolBase, an integral part of Presidency Public School, is rooted in providing a comprehensive, nurturing, and humanizing learning experience for children and adolescents.

Established in 2019, our mission at SchoolBase is to empower students to surpass their own expectations in personal, social, and academic pursuits.

Presidency Public School founded in the 1990s is committed to delivering exceptional quality education under the capable guidance of expert educators.

Situated in Bengaluru, Presidency Public School with three decades of experience, has partnered with the National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) to make education accessible to students from all backgrounds, ensuring that no one is left behind.

At SchoolBase, we offer an array of opportunities, including sports programs, blended offline-online learning, and tutoring services.

Our institution has earned a distinguished reputation for providing top-quality education to students facing challenges such as ADHD, slower learning pace, and learning disabilities.

We also embrace aspiring performers and budding athletes, as well as individuals facing any other circumstances that may prevent them from attending traditional schools.

At Schoolbase we offer services such as children counselling, handwriting improvement, career counselling, and behavioral therapy.
In essence, we are dedicated to inclusivity and understand that each student’s path to education is unique.

We are here to provide a flexible and accommodating educational environment to all.

Exclusive Learning with SchoolBase

  • Course books with well-illustrated content
  • Access to free and paid special services
  • Assignments at regular intervals throughout the course
  • Experienced and empathetic teaching staff
  • Dedicated e-mail contact and human contact at school
  • Monitoring academic progress through Student Learning Desk

Presidency Public School

Presidency Public School was established in the 1990s with a small number of students in Banashankari 3rd Stage, Bengaluru, Karnataka. The foundation of the school was built on imparting quality education under the able guidance of Mr. VI Hegde, the former founder and chairperson. The legacy of Mr. Hegde was further carried forward by Mr. Nagabhushan and Ms. Tulasi Nagabushan. Ms. Tulasi brought her rich experience from teaching in government schools to strengthen the learning modules while Mr. Nagabhushan efficiently managed the administrative side of the school.

What our students parents say

Many of our new families choose our school thanks to a recommendation from a friend, neighbour or colleague. If you want to find out what makes SchoolBase special, our admissions office can help you with any answers you have. Here are just a few comments from parents at SchoolBase.

  • Our experience with Presidency public school at Banashankari was excellent. Our child Priya was striving to learn mathematics at school. She was more interested in dance. But due to academic’s pressure she was not interested to go to class, thanks to NIOS now at the presidency public school Priya is free to learn and go to dancing classes and freestyle classes. Now she is more energetic and happier.



  • Thanks to Presidency school. The NIOS curriculum and guidance from the school team helped me a lot to understand more about my son. He is back at his studies. I love him playing cricket with a smile.



  • Alam was sensing a holistic environment at school. Thanks to the school course of study. We are grateful for management and tutors. The interesting and helpful resources made him concentrate more on education. The time schedule was very helpful to him easy and organized.