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Effective Communication with Children 2023

Effective linking with children is an essential skill for parents, teachers, and caregivers. In today’s fast-paced urban Indian society, where families often juggle multiple responsibilities, it’s crucial to establish meaningful connections with the younger generation. Effective communication with children is essential for several important reasons. In this article, we will learn why frequent communication with […]

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Supporting Students with Mental Health Challenges

As students undergo growth and maturation, they inevitably confront a spectrum of academic, social, and personal hurdles that may influence their mental well-being. It is imperative for educational institutions to acknowledge and provide assistance to students grappling with mental health challenges. NIOS and Schoolbase stand at the forefront of this commitment by offering personalized and […]

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Laziness or procrastination?

It is okay to feel lazy or procrastinate, we all do when we are faced with an uninteresting task or chore. As adults working at our regular jobs, we face it, and then students of young age can be expected to feel the same. However, if there aggravate laziness or procrastination signs that affect the […]

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Why parents should choose NIOS

Why parents should choose NIOS?

Let us first understand what is NIOS. NIOS is a short form for the National Institute of Open Schooling. NIOS is the board of education formed by the Government of India with the aim of providing a variety of educational programs that are accessible to the poorest of the poor and are available for educated […]

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NIOS Admission for April 2022-2023

NIOS Admission for April 2023-2024

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There are many obstacles in learning such as expensive courses, and transport issues for picking and dropping children at school. By adopting small things and modifying some already present rules and regulations of the present education system, we can provide a more efficient education system for the youth who are the future of this country. […]

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